wedding cake

Tips for choosing your wedding cake design

Apart from, inviting guests, purchasing the bridal dress and looking for the venue, you need to take care of many other things for your wedding, such as your wedding cake. It might appear to you a simple or a small thing but in reality, it is not easy to choose a wedding cake design. That is why here some of the tips have been discussed. It will help you in selecting your wedding cake.

Make the baker’s list

It might sound tedious to you, but if you want showers of compliments for the cake then make sure you make a list of the bakers. The list should be made on the basis of reviews and the price.

Taste the cake

The second thing that you need to do is not to select the wedding cake design but go for its tasting. Contact the bakery shops from the list of the bakers that you have made. Now, go there for tasting with someone whom you trust can give you the right advice.

Compare the price

You need to understand that the taste and the quality of cake vary with the price. So, apart from the taste, you need to consider its cost with respect to the taste. The price of a Wedding cake is mostly done by the slice, which ranges from $1.50 to $15 per slice.  The price goes higher with the designs that include more intricate decorations. Similarly, the price of fondant icing is higher than buttercream. The same thing is true for shapes, colors and other details. Therefore, you must compare all the things prices of one or two bakery shops.

Consider the weather

Another important thing is the weather in which your wedding is going to be held. For an outdoor wedding in summer, you need to opt for a fondant-covered cake. However, if it is winter wedding then whipped cream, meringue and even buttercream cake icing would work.

Make the guest list

You must know how many people are going to attend a wedding. Then accordingly determine how much weighing wedding cake would work. This way you will not be wasting money on ordering a very big cake.

Finalize the cake design

Lastly, you should select the design of a wedding cake. These days you can find innumerable design options for wedding cakes yet it is considered prudent to keep the design simple, intricate and elegant. You must concentrate on the taste of the cake equally as the cake is meant to be eaten.


Wedding day is special and so you need to take everything seriously. Follow all the aforementioned tips and choose a wedding cake design that will look amazing without hurting your pocket.